Clever Vinyl Storage Ideas

Having dedicated storage space in your craft room shows that you care for your recordings. A well-designed cabinet or shelving should blend in with the surrounding décor and make your vinyl collection easily accessible for playing. Luckily, there are several varieties of storage solutions out there. Therefore, if you’re planning to spend some cash on your favourite recordings, it would make sense if you spent a little more to make sure they are correctly kept.

Clean your recordings before keeping them in their jackets

Never use your t-shirt to clean your vinyl recordings. It doesn’t matter how clean or soft they feel; the fibres can scuff or scratch your vinyl. If you’re a recording nerd, you probably have a cleaning brush. A cleaning brush is a right tool to remove dirt and dust. Hold the brush on the vinyl and spin it slowly.

Floating shelving

Once in their jackets, the next thing should be to store them safely. Despite being jewels, vinyl recordings can help improve the appearance of a room. Instead of stashing them in that rarely-used private room, you can decide to show them off on a floating shelf. Make sure to put 10” long stoppers on both ends of the shelf to prevent them from falling off. Remember to keep them upright, or else they’ll warp over time.

A bookcase or filing cabinet

Although they might seem unlikely candidates for vinyl recordings storage, bookcases and filing cabinets should be your closest vinyl storage companions. You might need a vast vinyl collection to fit in an entire bookcase. So, it’s essential you try to blend in a few books and other decorative items. A bookcase full of reading materials might appear more of a library than an interior design feature. Blending in is the way to go. You might want to check out the Type01 Plywood vinyl storage by Tylko for inspiration:

Dedicate a particular wall for vinyl storage

Consider a wall unit tailored to fit all you need in case you have an extensive vinyl collection. Organize the sections according to genre and theme. Let the wall unit collection match up with artwork on the walls and bring in some live plants. A wall unit is more than just storage space. It should be the focal point in the room.