Check Out These Kids Room Design Tips

Children grow up at a very fast rate and designing their rooms can prove to be a very daunting task. Adults have their own style and ideas, but they might not be to the liking of the kids. Those spaces should be designed in accordance to the child’s preference.

Don’t be afraid to play with colours

It is no secret that kids love colour. It may be appropriate right now to go with colours based on their genders. For instance, you might want to paint your little girl’s room pink and that might change in just a few years. The trick here is to incorporate neutral bright colours that will allow you to go for bold coloured furniture and accessories.

Less is more

When it comes to your child’s room, keeping it simple is the key to having it stay timeless and elegant. Add simple décor and furniture to create more space for the children to play. This also provides a neutral space for the room to be updated in the future.

Add storage

You want your kids room organized? Add closets that are at their height, storage boxes and racks that can help them put their items away.

Light it up

Obviously having lights in a kid’s room is a necessity, but you can add extra lights for reading and also to help them get around the room during darkness.

Other things to consider

  • Use bright and playful colours
  • Incorporate patterns
  • Focus on play
  • Leave some space for playing